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Self-Funding Patients

  • If you are paying for your treatment yourself we ask that you make payment on the day of the assessment or follow-up. We currently accept cheque and cash payments. 
  • Please note that you do not need a referral if you are self-funding. However, we will make contact with your GP and/or consultant in order to maintain communication unless there is a specific reason why you wish us not to do so.

  • Current rates as follows:
  • £18 / 15 minutes 
  • Inital Assessment usually 45 minutes - 1 hour
  • Follow up visits 30 - 45 minutes

Private Medical Insurance

  • Treatment is usually refundable by all major private medical insurance companies. We can file an insurance claim on your behalf.   

  • You will be responsible for any costs not covered by the insurance company--therefore, we recommend that you contact your insurance company before starting treatment to enquire:
    • Whether a consultant or GP referral is necessary
    • Whether you are liable to pay an excess
    • Whether there is any restriction on the number of treatments allowed
    • Whether there is any limit on the amount that can be claimed
    • Whether there are any authorisation codes which must be provided to the therapist prior to treatment.
    • Whether additional equipment is covered (i.e. splints, braces, exercise equipment)--usually these are not covered by private medical insurance

Holly Coad is recognised by the HCPC as an Occupational Therapist (OT46492) with a specialty in Hand Therapy.  She is recognised as a provider of hand therapy by the Private Medical Insurance companies listed below

If your insurance company is not listed, we may be able to contact them to arrange reimbursement.   

Additional Equipment/Splints/Braces

  • Payment is required at the time of provision for any additional equipment provided to facilitate your rehabilitation.  You will be advised of the cost prior to provision of any equipment.

  • Payment is required at the time of provision for any custom splints or off the shelf braces.  You will be advised of the cost prior to provision of the splint/brace.

  • Private medical insurance usually does not cover rehabilitation equipment, custom splints or off-the shelf braces.