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Treatment Techniques


A thorough assessment will be carried out which includes obtaining information about the history of your condition and recent treatments (i.e. surgery, other therapy); your physical abilities including measurements of motion, strength, swelling, dexterity, sensation and pain; discussion about activities that you need to be able to do at work and home; and discussion about how you are managing with your current situation and your goals and expectations for therapy.  

Following the assessment, a hand therapy programme will be designed to integrate all aspects of your hand function and address the problems identified in your assessment, in order to return you to your regular activities as soon as possible. 

Treatment techniques may include:

  • Home exercise programme including active exercises and stretches.
  • Soft tissue release and massage
  • Scar massage and management
  • Management of swelling/oedema and advice
  • Custom splinting for immobilisation and protection
  • Exercise splints to promote movement
  • Recommendation and fitting of off-the-shelf braces
  • Kineseotaping to protect joints or promote movement
  • Special equipment to make everyday tasks easier 
  • Strength retraining
  • Heat and cold to improve mobility and/or manage pain and swelling
  • Use of everyday tasks to improve abilities, motion, and strength.
  • Recommendations of alternative techniques to doing everyday tasks
  • Desensitisation or sensory retraining after nerve injury
  • Post-operative wound care and dressing changes

You the patient must take an active part in your recovery by following the instructions given to you by the therapist--daily participation in a tailored exercise programme, following advice for keeping swelling down, wearing splints as advised--these are all essential to realising your full rehabilitation potential.